Riverside Solutions Oy

Riverside Solutions Oy is a young Finnish company which developes and sells software products for entertainment industry. We have been developing several systems for artistic administration and also for A/V-systems in theatres and TV-productions. Riverside Solutions Oy was established in 2015 and its main function is to spread and develop Misto-APS® product.

Company has one office, which is located in Koskenkorva village, Western Finland. Our main business is software development and we have wide professional contact network in Finland and european countries. As micro-size company we have ability to react fast and maintain cost-effective production chain in all our products.

Jarkko Loima, owner and CEO of the company has been working in entertainment business for over 20 years. Hes working history consists of different management tasks as head of technical or production departments in theatres, teaching, entrepreteneurship and sound & light tasks since early 90's. Loima has Masters degree (2012) in technology competence management and bachelors degree in software development (2004). He is also qualified teacher by pedagogical studies (2010).